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A Joyful Dragon Boat Festival garden party

A Joyful Dragon Boat Festival garden party

June 10, 2024

🎊 As the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival approached, also known as Duanwu Festival, our company decided to organize a garden party to celebrate this culturally rich occasion. The festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, and it commemorates the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, who drowned himself in a river as a form of protest against corruption. This year, we aimed to not only honor the traditions but also strengthen the camaraderie among colleagues.


🎰 For entertainment, classic carnival games were set up around the garden, offering fun challenges and an opportunity to engage in some friendly competition. Games like "Touhu" , ring toss, and a "Lucky Roulette" allowed participants to test their skills and luck. These activities added an element of joy and laughter to the event, making the festival atmosphere more lively and participative. To everyone's delight, all participants had the chance to win prizes, ensuring that the day was not only enjoyable but also rewarding for all.

🎈 PRIMA's Dragon Boat Festival garden party was a resounding success. It was more than just a day of fun and games; it was a meaningful cultural experience that brought us all closer together. The event underscored the beauty of tradition and its ability to infuse joy and a sense of belonging in a modern corporate setting.


🎀 This celebration was a reminder that regardless of our individual backgrounds, coming together as a community to honor history and share in cultural festivities is a priceless corporate asset. We look forward to making this an annual event, continuing to foster a workplace culture that appreciates diversity and values traditions that have spanned centuries.

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