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PRIMA continues to await the arrival of all friends on the second day of the exhibition

PRIMA continues to await the arrival of all friends on the second day of the exhibition

April 22, 2023

On the second day of the exhibition, PRIMA hall A2018 continues to await the arrival of all friends. The teaching products and multi scene full stack education digital solutions built in the exhibition area are introduced one-for-one by our Senior Trainers, allowing visitors to participate in the full life cycle construction of PRIMA products and jointly look forward to the beautiful vision of digital education.



PRIMA Intelligent Classroom uses various intelligent devices such as smart blackboards, video booths, multimedia platforms, and student terminals equipment to assist in presenting teaching content and facilitating the acquisition of learning resources, enhance situational awareness, and promote classroom interaction; Utilize IoT technology to achieve spatial environment management functions such as air conditioning, lighting, and curtains.



PRIMA Digital Campus is based on computer ,network , and communication technologies, using a cloud/localized deployment mode of PRIMA Intelligent Control System to achieve information delivery, centralized control, software release, equipment monitoring, remote classroom inspection, and IoT control; Integration and comprehensive digitization all information resources related to teaching, scientific research, management, and life services on campus, forming a unified user resource management and unified permission control, easily achieving mobile intelligent digital campus management.



Multiple well-known domestic media visited the venue and conducted on-site broadcasts and interviews on PRIMA exhibition situation, highlights of this year's products, and insights into industry trends.

Mr. Yorkin Shang, General Manager of PRIMA, interviewed by New Beijing News.

“PRIMA has been deeply engaged in the commercial display market for many years, especially in the field of educational equipment, and has accumulated extensive experience. This year, our company has fully enabled the educational informatization upgrade and educational Digital transformation. Through continuous product technology innovation and thoughtful services, we have helped to implement educational digitalization and promote high-quality and balanced development of education.”



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